Privacy Policy

Caffe Bene name and reputation were built on the basis of mutual trust. The following privacy policy of Caffe Bene (referred to as "the Policy") describes how, under a license from Caffe Bene Middle East and North Africa (Caffe Bene), Keden International collects, uses and discloses Customer's personal information, Through our online websites and services, including and other online and online websites owned or operated by Caffe Bene and associated with this Policy (collectively "the Sites"), Through our programs and in our actual shops (referred to as "Services"). This policy does not apply to websites and services that offer or link to different private data. Websites or services with a common brand, a shared privacy statement or separate privacy data of our partners may be displayed or linked to our policies.
By using this site, you agree to use and share your personal information in accordance with this policy.

What kind of information is Caffe Bene collecting?

Personal information (you may be limited or identifiable) that you may collect may include the name, gender, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, and any other contact details you may provide when you submit a query via the Website or when you sign in to obtain information about our products Our services and the events we organize or when you enroll in a sufficient membership program.

Most of the information we collect from you through the website does not know you personally. For example, we may automatically collect information related to the use of the website when visiting our sites. This information may include information about your ISP, the operating system you support, the type of product displayed, the domain name, the IP address, the times you access our websites, the website that guides you, the web pages you requested, the dates and times of those requests. We use this information to identify the most popular areas and features and to count traffic to our sites. The information is anonymous so that you do not know anyone unless someone asks a specific question about how to operate the website, for example, or what is not known by providing us with their e-mail address. Website usage information we collect may include the use of web-based cookies and web-based tracking software. E-mail profiles are small data files stored on the Website on your hard disk. Among our other benefits, our cookies help us improve our sites and evaluate your experience in using them. We use automated cookies to identify the most popular domains and features and to count traffic to our sites. Online tracking programs are electronic images that can be used on our sites or via our e-mail messages. We use programs

Online tracking for the deployment of automated cookies, traffic statistics, understanding of the effectiveness of use and promotional campaigns, and to know whether the e-mail has been opened and acted upon. We may also use local shared domains (cookies for flash files).

Enough Membership Program:

A sufficient membership program has been designed to reward Caffe Bene customers for their loyalty, through special prizes available for a limited period, to be notified to customers via e-mail in the Gulf countries where a sufficient membership program has been launched. The program allows sufficient customers to use a plastic or digital reward card (by applying a mobile phone) to complete the purchase. Through the registration process, the customer's personal data is collected and used to communicate with other offers and important information.
 For more information please refer to the terms and conditions of the Caffe Bene Membership Program.

Where is personal information processed?

The personal information you provide to us is processed through the sites at Keden International. May be transferred to third parties as set out in the following paragraphs. We will take the necessary measures to ensure that your personal information is protected by us in accordance with applicable data protection laws and in accordance with this Policy.

How do you use Caffe Bene information about you?

Kaspersky Lab reserves the right to use your information for the purposes stated in this Policy. For example, we may use your information to:

• Respond to your suggestions under Customer Service, or take other action to respond to your inquiries or other website activities;

• Communicate with you about our brands, products, activities, or other promotional purposes, including multi-brand presentations and offers from Keden’s global partners and subsidiaries, providing us with your personal information and subscribing to the information service from this type.

Do you share enough personal information with third parties?

Caffe Bene shares your personal information in specific ways. We may share your personal information with third parties, but with your consent. Once we provide you with your personal information, you agree to share it with third parties, as stated in this Policy. Here are some examples of how we share your personal information with third parties:

We are entitled to share information with companies that provide us with support services (such as e-mail companies or web hosting companies), which helps us market our products and services (as e-mail providers). These companies may use information about you to do their jobs for us.