About Us

About Us

Korea's No.1 Coffee Brand

Built after the traditional European coffee houses . CafféBene has opened its first branch in Korea in 2008 and due to its differentiated menu selections like waffles, medium roasted coffee and the store interior CafféBene has grown rapidly opening 650 stores in the first four years. CafféBene is a leading franchise in the global market. It has 1600 locations world wide and continuously exploring the international market to increase its growth and expansion rate . CafféBene is becoming an attraction for every day customers who crave a moment of peace with their favorite cup of coffee.

Our Coffee

CafféBene uses only 2% of the world's best coffee beans , the coffee beans are roasted separately in our very own roasting plant and successively tested to ensure quality and consistency. CafféBene uses Medium Roasting Method to cook the beans which makes us different from most coffee shops. Unlike the strong bitter taste of dark roast coffee, medium roasting brings out the natural coffee flavor without being unnecessarily strong.


CEO Message

More Than Just A Cup Of Coffee!!!

CafféBene is the place where memories made. Filled with laughter and joy. Shared with the loved ones. In CafféBene we keep pace with the world around us by providing high quality products and exceptional service. We Strive to create a warm environment that inspires and incite our customers. CafféBene presents a distinctive culture made of coffee, sweets and wonderful times that bring happiness for everyone We are always happy to express our thanks to our beloved customers, their visit is the motivation to continue our best to provide the best of our products and ideas that color their lives with the most amazing moments of their lives.


"To be the haven every one seeks to enjoy their favorite cup of coffee in a welcoming environment, the place where every one can meet, build relationships and share their valuable times."


We will do our utmost to provide the highest quality coffee and desserts. We will keep a keen interest in improving our services to enhance customer satisfaction. We will continue to realize our vision in making Caffé Bene the most welcoming coffee shop by creating a comfortable and pleasant interior that makes customers feel at home. We will live up to the promise of making the time you spend in Caffé Bene a memorable time